Have questions about setting up your own website? Undetermined what to do next? If yes, then we have pulled together all the questions people commonly asked.

Domain Name is an identification name of your website. Internet user uses this domain name to access your website online.

All computers on the internet have a unique address in the form of numbers. This address is called an IP address. When you first created your website, a unique IP address is assigned to your website. It’s easier to memorize a name rather than a string of numbers. That’s why Domain Names were developed to identify the entities on internet instead of using IP addresses.

People register a domain name which acts like an online address in the form of URL.

Whatever you are setting up a website for, your domain name is a big part of your brand and you’ll build your website identity around it. So it should have chosen correctly. Following thing you must keep in mind while choosing your domain name:

  • Domain Name must reflect what you do.
  • Make it memorable.
  • Is it futureproof?
  • Use an appropriate extension.
  • Get hold on variants.

One last thing you must do after deciding your domain name, check that it isn’t already registered by any other user.

The Domain Name I want is taken. What can I do?

If you don’t want to lose your domain name, then it’s essential to renew your domain name before it gets expired.

Renewing your domain name is quite an easy process between you and your registrar. Simply email your registrar by entering the domain name that you want to rename and he’ll let you know when your domain name is renewed.

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